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At Carnegie Science Center we offer a wide array of fun and exciting science shows. From start to finish, students will be captivated by live demonstrations. Join our stellar presenters as you take a bite out of science, have a blast (literally!), and indulge in some larger-than-life education.

Our programs have been specifically tailored for appropriate grade level ranges. If you have a question about any of our offerings, call 412.237.3400, then press 7, to talk with one of our staff about your options.

>>> Works Theater
Science is always “under construction” in the Works Theater, a live showcase of dazzling demonstrations in a one-of-a-kind industrial setting. Taste a frozen marshmallow, see the glow of molten metal, or feel the zap of electricity. Unwrap the chemistry of mummies, or launch a fiery rocket into space. It’s all in the Works!

Power Planet!
Content themes: Energy, Environmental Stewardship, Chemistry, Geography
Come on stage as we build the energy plant of tomorrow! Explore fossil fuels and climate change through costumes, colorful carbon chemistry, and our 3-D Magic Planet animated globe. Learn how improved fossil fuel technologies, alternate fuels, and conservation all play a role in providing for our future global energy needs. Presenting sponsors:

Works Theater, Capacity: 200
Time Required: 25 minutes
Grades: 1–5; 6–8
Anchors: S8.B.3.3, S8.C.2.1, S8.C.2.2
Standards: 4.2.7 A, B, C, 4.3.7. A, B, 4.7.7.C, 4.8.7.A

Light Fantastic
Content themes: Light, Chemistry
Discover the dazzling science of light! This illuminating show features rainbows, lasers, and things that glow in the dark.

Works Theater, Capacity: 200
Time Required: 25 minutes
Grades: 2–6
Anchors: S4.A.13, S4.C.1.1
Standards: 3.4.4.B

It Came from Outer Space
Content themes: Solar System, Materials Science, Technological Innovation
Blast off to the final frontier! Your mission to the International Space Station is packed with our most popular demonstrations. Come on stage and see if you have “the right stuff” to live and work in microgravity. Take a peek at technologies that have “come from outer space” into our everyday lives with explosive hydrogen fireballs, vision-altering goggles, and more.

Works Theater, Capacity: 200
Time Required: 25 minutes
Grades: 4–6
Anchors: S4.A.1.1, S4.A.1.3, S4.C.1.1
Standards: 3.4.7.A, 3.4.7.D, 3.6.7.D, 3.8.7.B

Content themes: Energy, Electricity, Technology
This hair-raising demonstration will spark your imagination! Journey into the legend of Frankenstein as you investigate the history of electricity. Feel the zap of electricity from our Van de Graaff generator, and witness the power of one million volts of electricity as you discuss the benefits and pitfalls of technological innovation. Beware! The end is frightfully fun.

Works Theater, Capacity: 200
Time Required: 25 minutes
Grades: 4–5; 6–8
Anchors (grades 4–5): S.4.A.1.1, S4.C.1.1
Anchors (grades 6–8): S8.A.1.2, S8.C.2.1
Standards: 3.4.4.B, 3.6.7.A, 3.8.7.C

High Voltage
Content themes: Energy, States of Matter
Step right up for a hair-raising and shocking experience on our Van de Graff generator. This electrifying show features our Tesla coil and its one-million-volt display of light and sound.

Presenting sponsor:

Works Theater, Capacity: 200
Time Required: 25 minutes
Grade: 6; 9–12
Anchors (grade 6): S4.A.1.2, S4C.1.1, S4D.1.3
Anchors (grades 9–12): S11.C.1.1.1, S11.C.2.1, S11.C.3.1.4)
Standards (grade 6): 3.4.4.A
Standards (grades 9–12): 3.4.4.B, 3.4.10.A, C

Fuel for Thought
Content themes: Plants, Animals, Ecosystems, Environmental Stewardship
Modern civilization depends on fossil fuels for electricity and transportation, but innovation and conservation are integral for a carbon-constrained future. This live presentation explores several energy technologies and their environmental impact.

Presenting sponsor:

Works Theater, Capacity: 200
Time Required: 25 minutes
Grades: 9–12
Anchors: S11.B.3.3, S11.C.2.1, S11.C.2.2
Standards: 4.2.12.A

>>> Kitchen Theater
In the Kitchen Theater students will learn about the science of food and cooking in a fun atmosphere. Live demonstrations—part cooking class, part science lab—take you through the biology, chemistry, and physics that combine to make your favorite foods. The Kitchen Theater delivers edible science in 30 minutes or less!

What Animals Eat
Content themes: Plants, Animals, Ecosystems
Which animals belong in the Carnivore Café? How about the Herbivore Eatery? What kind of “eater” are you? Learn what different animals eat in this interactive demonstration that focuses on different types of “eaters” and their habitats. Classify animals based on diet, contrast animals’ diets with your own, and go “grocery shopping” for the different animals that you can meet at Carnegie Science Center.

Kitchen Theater, Capacity: 40
Time Required: 20 minutes
Grades: PK–1
Anchors: N/A
Standards: S.C.1.1, S.C.1.5, S.C.1.7, S.C.2.1

Jurassic Pie
Content themes: Plants, Animals, Earth Science, Evolution
Dig in to the tasty history of Pennsylvania dirt! Was your backyard once an ocean floor? Did dinosaurs once prowl in your neighborhood? Come on stage, help “excavate” clues left in the Earth, and learn how plants, animals, and landforms all change over time. Then build a yummy edible dino dirt treat!

Kitchen Theater, Capacity: 75
Time Required: 25 minutes
Grades 1–4
Anchors: S4.D.1.1, S4.B.2.1
Standards: 3.3.4.D, 3.5.4.A

Plant Pop
Content themes: States of Matter
Can our pop-can lid withstand the pressure of our fizzy soda? We’ll prove that carbon dioxide takes up more room as a gas than as a solid. Students learn about the process of sublimation and the difference between density and volume, with a serving of botany on the side.

Sponsored by:

Kitchen Theater, Capacity: 75
Time Required: 25 minutes
Grades: 3–5
Anchors: S4.A.1.3, S4.C.1.1
Standards: 3.4.4.A, 1.6.5.A, 1.6.5, D

Fruit Flambé
Content themes: Chemistry, Energy
Enjoy edible solutions as we flame various fruits and explore the chemistry of fire. Learn the three components of fire and the nature of its chemical reaction, then delve into mixture vs. solution chemistry. The fiery finish has some lip-smacking results.

Kitchen Theater, Capacity: 75
Time Required: 25 minutes
Grades: 4–5
Anchors: S4.C.1.1.1, S4.C.1.1.2
Standards: 3.4.4.A, 3.4.7.A, 1.6.5.A, 1.6.5.D

Dr. Payne’s Hideous Brain
Content themes: Brain, Human Body
Discover the composition of the human brain in this deliciously gross live demonstration! Learn the names and functions of the cerebrum, cerebellum, medulla, and corpus collosum, and the building blocks of brain matter. The show ends with a sample of our gelatin brain model!

Kitchen Theater, Capacity: 75
Time Required: 25 minutes
Grades: 4–6
Anchors: N/A
Standards: 10.1.6.B, 1.6.5.A, 1.6.5.D

>>> Science Stage
Explore scientific topics in a big way with a Science Stage presentation—perfect for big groups! Learn about science with interactive demonstrations, become a debonair ’droid in our robotic fashion show, or take a spin as you choose your own adventure in a science game show!

NEW! Robot Revue
Content themes: Robotics, Technology
What tools and accessories do robots need to think, sense, and act in human-esque ways? Dress up during our robot fashion show. This cutting-edge show is an interactive “build-a-bot” workshop that will take you from the frontiers of space to the future of medicine.

Science Stage, Capacity: 300
Time Required: 25 minutes
Grades: 1–6
Anchors: S4.A.1.1, S4.A.2.2
Standards: 3.6.4.B, 3.7.4.A, 3.8.4.B

UPDATED!  Wheel of Science
Content themes: Energy, Physics, Biological Adaptation, Information Technology
Spin the Wheel of Science, and you could be the next on stage. Take flight, conduct a symphony, explore animal adaptations, investigate the laws of motion, decode the secrets of DNA, or discover how cell phones work.

Science Stage, Capacity: 300
Time Required: 25 minutes
Grades: 1–6; 6–8
Anchors: S8.B.1.1, S8.C.3.1
Standards: 3.3.7.A, 3.4.7.A, 3.4.7.C, 3.6.4.B, 3.7.4.C

Undersea Alive!
Content themes: Animals, Ecosystems, Environmental Stewardship
Take a plunge into our sea-sational fashion show to learn about the unique adaptations of underwater organisms. Become a seahorse or a deadly jellyfish to learn how these animals protect themselves from predators.

Science Stage, Capacity: 300
Time Required: 25 minutes
Grades: 1–6
Anchors: S4.B.1.1, S4.B.1.1.4
Standards: 3.3.4.A, 3.3.4.B, 3.3.4.D, 4.7.4.B, 1.6.5.A, 1.6.5.D


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